Delicious and Nutritious High Quality Beef

Reserve your beef share and experience months of delicious, nourishing protein for you and your family.

Some of the benefits of a beef share include:

✅ Makes eating healthy automatic

✅ No more panic when you hear "what's for dinner?"

✅ Peace of mind that your family is eating real, nourishing beef

✅ Never worry about food shortages and price increases

✅ Best beef of the year, harvested right at the end of peak grass season

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Our promise to you is that your search for a trust worthy source of beef is over. We are the real deal, we care about the same things you care about, and your beef will be raised the right way. Packed with nutrition, bursting with real flavor, and without the unwanted elements found in grocery store beef.

You will notice the difference in our beef immediately. We guarantee your satisfaction! We are excited and honored to be your farmer!  We've raised Premium Grass-Grain Finished Beef for over 20 years. It's what we do.